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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

LOR Technologies recognizes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as transformative forces in the technology landscape that have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses solve longstanding problems, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation. With a forward-looking and proactive approach, the company is determined to harness the capabilities of AI and ML in its quest to explore new ways of addressing legacy challenges, optimizing existing processes, and maximizing automation possibilities.

As a technology-driven organization, LOR Technologies understands that adopting AI and ML is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge, as these technologies can help to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve decision-making. This section delves deeper into the rationale behind LOR Technologies’ focus on AI and ML, demonstrating how their adoption can drive significant value across various domains within the organization and ensure sustainable growth into the future. We will explore the myriad of real-world applications, potential benefits, and the unique opportunities these advanced technologies present in revolutionizing problem-solving approaches and automation strategies.

AI Products

The next generation of

A.I powered automotive advertising has arrived!

The easy way to make your cars more attractive!

How does it work?

flow chart, in short

  1. Phyron collects data from Partner on a regular basis (depending on Partner on data update frequency).
  2. New and updated records will trigger a render of a new video.
  3. Rendered video will be available shorty on Phyron content network and Phyron Player video product key. i.e. the video is made
    available on the End Customer’s website and/or third-party platform through Phyron

Why phyron?

Phyron is a Swedish SaaS company delivering a platform-independent solution for automated large-scale generation of AI videos through a cutting edge technology platform. Phyron’s video+AI solution instantly identifies the best selling points of each car, and makes the most of your existing photos. Focusing on the Automotive industry, Phyrons goal is to become the world’s largest producer of car videos.

Creating good videos for online marketing is cumbersome as it takes time to create and is often just for a single product. It is not designed to do a lot of videos quickly and effectively.

PHYRON solves that problem with Video+AI.
– We fetch the images and specifications from your car ads
– Our AI Automatically creates and add video to all your cars within 10 minutes
– The video is updated if the ad is changed
– Everything is done automatically with zero manual work 

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