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About Us

LOR Technologies produced its first product in 2013 and with a one man operation quickly expanded it’s product offerings that grew a team of dedicated and technology driven passionate people.

Producing world class products and services that can be utilised in any size business and in any industry form. We have developed the capabilities to not only build great technology but also source through partnerships to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Live Online Retail was the first of the technology products developed. We had a vision to put
forward a tool that treats the online shoppers in the same way we treat physical world shoppers.

Live Online Retail obtained an RSA and USA technology patent for its innovative and highly technical live tracking module that provides customer behaviour insights in real time for your team to sell better, help better and do better.

Next, we developed OnlineLoc8 as an aggregator platform and went to market as a white label solution for the automotive, property and other sectors to quickly create an online presence with a track record of industry knowledge backed with best practice software.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation has become a relevant technology in today’s fast paced world where we want a better work live balance. With RPA, LOR Technologies can reduce the time spent on mundane processing jobs to free up the time of employees to be productive on the more important matters in the business.

As a trusted provider we have also ventured into licenced software where we partner up with
industry leaders to source and provide the best solutions to the industries we serve. Phyron Video AI was one of these innovative SaaS solutions we partnered with as the AI capability is a definite driver in the next generation of automotive advertising.

We believe in the human touch; we believe that technology should enable us to be better humans and not to replace humans in the workplace. As much as we can automate, we must remember that humans still buy from humans so humans must still manufactory for humans.

Live Online Retail

Live Online Retail brings the human touch to the digital space. Engage with online customers directly and increase sales by up to 25% and customer experience by up to 42%.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Live Online Retail now brings both Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as other Full Stack, and Data Sciences solutions through its Advanced Technology Solutions, making use of the latest available technologies


OnlineLoc8 comes to the market as a White Label solution whereby industries can create their own digital showroom and serve up options to their customers in a very modern presentable manner, backed with the latest technologies available.

Artificial Intelligence

Phyron is a Swedish SaaS company delivering a platform-independent solution for automated large-scale generation of AI videos through a cutting-edge technology platform.
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